4 Reasons Traditional Braces Are a Better Choice Than Aligners

Invisalign has swept the orthodontic world by storm over the last decade, making the case that its clear aligners are the best possible orthodontic treatment out there but is there more to Invisalign than just its advantages? Here at Jaffe Orthodontics, your local provider of orthodontics in Bristol, RI, we believe that our patients should know the truth about their orthodontic treatment, so you can make an informed decision about which path is best for you! Find out below why traditional braces are sometimes preferable to clear aligners and why getting braces in Portsmouth, RI, might be the right treatment plan for you!

Braces Reach More Smiles

While aligners may be convenient for those who prefer a clear orthodontic treatment, getting braces in Barrington, RI might be a better choice for patients with certain orthodontic conditions. Braces are often better equipped to straighten out more severely misaligned smiles and can do more for patients with malocclusions and crooked teeth.

Easy To Keep Track Of

Whereas clear aligners can be removed and lost with ease, there is little to no chance of you losing your braces in Portsmouth, RI. Braces are fastened to your teeth, which also means that they are constantly straightening out your teeth, which is not the case for removable clear aligners.

A More Precise Smile

Getting traditional braces in Portsmouth, RI means that you have access to a more precise orthodontic treatment. The wire and bracket system used by braces can pull stray teeth into the correct position and adjust your teeth into a more natural arc than Invisalign.

Pain Pain Go Away

While getting outfitted with braces in Barrington, RI may involve some discomfort, once your teeth adjust to the pressure, any tenderness tends to go away. With the aligner system, you have to switch aligners every couple of weeks, introducing a new pressure that can make your teeth more sensitive or painful.

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