Oral Hygiene Tips To Teach Your Children

Good oral hygiene is very important for your teeth and for your gums. We at Jaffe Orthodontics Orthodontics encourage you, as parents, to teach your children tips, and get them into a routine of practicing good dental health.

Encourage Healthy Eating

As important as exercise is, eating healthy is just as necessary for your body. This can be as simple as substituting a bowl of fruit for the bag of chips that your child normally would go for.

Enforce A Nightly Routine

As a parent, if you enforce a nighttime routine for your child, it will soon become regular. Make sure your child is brushing and flossing every night (and every morning). Introducing this routine at an early age will be beneficial for them as they grow older.

Make It Fun

Kids like to have fun and they will most likely be more inclined to listen to these oral hygiene tips and tricks if their parent makes it fun for them. While they are getting into the habit and routine of it all, a small reward for listening and participating could go a long way.

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If you have any further questions about how to help your child get into a healthy oral hygiene routine, contact our Barrington or Portsmouth office and we will gladly assist you in any way we can. We look forward to seeing your smile in our office soon!

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