A rite of passage in adolescence used to be wearing metal braces for several years. Arguably, many teens need orthodontic care even today, but it doesn’t require traditional devices. At Jaffe Orthodontics, our talented team understands teens need something different for their treatment. Take a close look at why Invisalign is great for teens today.

Boosts Self-Esteem

The adolescent years are full of growth and discovery,

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Ceramic braces from Jaffe Orthodontics use tooth-colored brackets so that your braces are less noticeable. They can’t make the orthodontic wire disappear, but a Bristol, RI braces clinic can make the brackets almost invisible. Contact Jaffe Orthodontics to discuss the use of ceramic braces in your orthodontic treatment.


Benefit #1: Can’t Hardly See the Brackets

Teens and adults don’t like others noticing that they have braces.

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As an adult with braces, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions regarding oral hygiene. If you did not help a child through the braces stage, you might not know how to care for your teeth with your braces. One orthodontist in Bristol RI, Jaffe Orthodontics, provides you with great and excellent hygiene advice.

Brush as You Normally Would

Braces might wear out the head of your toothbrush a little faster,

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Jaffe Orthodontics is there to provide you with all your needs to ensure that your orthodontic issues are addressed. If you need teeth straightening in Rhode Island, braces are one of the best options available to you. However, we understand that it’s normal to feel self-conscious and want more information. Ceramic braces might be right for you, but it’s important to know how quickly they work.

How Are Ceramic Braces Different?

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Do you want to improve the shape of your face? You can with braces from an orthodontist in Bristol, RI.

Braces are commonly thought of as a way to straighten teeth and improve your smile – but did you know that orthodontic treatment can also have a surprising effect on how your face looks? It’s true!

Well-aligned teeth can positively impact your jawline and facial structure,

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