Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional Metal Braces

traditional metal braces

Jaffe Orthodontics enthusiastically delivers enhanced aesthetics for our patients, regardless of age. If your teeth are misaligned, out of place, or crowded, traditional metal braces may help. Nevertheless, this approach is only suitable depending on the person’s circumstances. 

In some instances, such as severe overcrowding, metallic bands are the superior option overall. On the other hand, some clients prefer using invisible retainers to obtain their benefits.

Restorative Orthodontics Bristol RI

Lackluster smiles lead to disappointing photos, even if you are a natural beauty. Therefore, restoring and rejuvenating a crooked smile should be a top priority if it is affecting you. Fortunately, orthodontics in Bristol RI can reconfigure anyone’s smile using metal braces. 

Benefits Metallic Bands

Metal’s primary advantage is minute adjustability, meaning small increments of change can be done. Consequently, the orthodontist can monitor the treatment’s progression, observing signs of complications. If something is detected during the progression course, the dentist will alter strategies. 

Furthermore, most patients report fewer issues of irritation, bruising, or bleeding inside the mouth. Since the movements are small, it does not disturb the wearer as much. If a tooth is particularly difficult to relocate, the metal’s inherent strength should get the job done.

Potential Downsides

Wearing metal brackets around your teeth does not feel normal, even if you have worn them for years. Eventually, you readjust to the feeling, but chewing food feels different until the braces are gone. Additionally, cleaning your teeth and oral hygiene, in general, have become much more important. 

After eating, check behind the brackets, as food residue likes to hide there. Otherwise, little bits begin decaying, which can adversely impact oral health.

How Do They Compare to Other Types

Recent advancements in medical technology have led to the development of impressive orthodontics. Metal braces are more lightweight, comfortable, and better-looking than most people remember. Since the metal is made of high-grade stainless steel, they do not need to be replaced often. 

An archwire connects to the metal brackets, which are cemented to the molars most of the time. These apply pressure to the teeth directly, allowing individual adjustments. Plus, these hook up to the bracket via an O-ring elastic. When patients visit their doctor, they can readjust the O-rings to tighten the braces. 

Many patients request clear aligners, but the deciding factor should be overcrowding. If a patient has severe crowding, metal brackets will be the preferred choice in all cases.

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