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It is our mission at Jaffe Orthodontics to stay current with the latest treatment techniques and technology. Our commitment to technology is part of the reason we are the top orthodontic practice in Barrington, Bristol and Portsmouth, RI. Read below for some examples of the technology we incorporate into our orthodontic cases on a daily basis.

Cutting-Edge Orthodontic Technology

  • GAC Innovation Brackets – These are the best orthodontic brackets for traditional braces. The Innovation Brackets are self-legating, meaning they provide optimal torque control and minimal friction. This allows your teeth to move quickly and precisely with low forces, equating to less discomfort during treatment.
  • Digital Imaging Center – The old days of radiation X-rays are no longer at Jaffe Orthodontics. We utilize digital imaging technology to produce clearer, more precise images with lower radiation levels. Further, because they are digital, we can share the images electronically. This makes exchanging information with patients and insurance companies much easier and faster.
  • iTero Intra-Oral Scanner – No more impressions! It’s a motto we love here in the office. With the iTero scanner, we can create digital molds of your mouth using a wand, not messy goop. This decreases wait times for Invisalign and improved fit! We can even use this technology to create retainers and other appliances with ease.
  • Diode Soft-Tissue Laser – Say goodbye to trips to a dental surgery center for basic procedures. With our soft-tissue laser, we can now perform basic gum procedures in office with a topical anesthetic.
  • Digital Consultation Folders – All of our patients leave the office after a consultation with a USB drive that holds their digital records and all information, paperwork and information discussed. This puts your orthodontic treatment in your control. You can reference any paperwork, images and progress at home at any time.

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