Patient Care Videos

Patient Care Videos

The office of Dr. Jordan Jaffe is committed to providing the Portsmouth, Rhode Island area residents exceptional orthodontic care. Our goal is to make your orthodontic treatment as comfortable as possible.

But we understand that occasionally you must address problems at home, and we hope that you will find this page helpful in these situations.

Helpful Tips From Your Bristol, Barrington & Portsmouth, RI Orthodontists

The following videos will provide you with suggestions and hints to handle common problems that may arise during your orthodontic treatment.Contact us if your situation requires more immediate attention, or to make a follow up appointment for broken or readjusted appliances.

Lip Bumper

Inserting and removing the plastic lip bumper can seem tricky, but with a little practice you will be able to move it quite easily! Watch the video below to learn.

Poking Ligature

A loose ligature wire can be an annoying nuisance for your mouth! Check out these simple fixes for this common orthodontic treatment problem in the video below.

Loose Brace

From time to time, a band or brace may detach from your teeth. You should call for an appointment as soon as possible, but this should not cause problems in the short term.

Long Wire

If the wire extends far enough beyond the rear brackets to cause discomfort, follow these steps presented in the video below to provide relief until your next appointment.

Palate Expander

A simple way to adjust the palate expander… It’s easier than it looks, we promise!

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