i-CAT 3D Digital Imaging

i-CAT 3D Digital Imaging

The i-CAT FLX 3D Cone Beam scanner is perfect for those who want greater flexibility when it comes to scanning and planning out treatments. Not only does this device emit an extremely low dose of radiation, which is significantly lower and safer than anything else available on the market at the moment, but it also offers a high level of accuracy and precision.

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Benefits of Using The i-CAT 3D Digital Imaging Scanner

The i-CAT system uses cone beam computed tomography to create three-dimensional images of the head and neck. It is possible to capture 3D images of teeth, roots, TMJs, airways, and sinuses without distortion or magnification. These images can also be used to help identify problems such as tumors or cysts and can help to plan the best treatment option for the individual patient.

The i-CAT 3D Digital Imaging device is quick and easy to use. It takes only 4.8 seconds to capture critical health information that will help to accurately identify what is going to be the best and least invasive treatment option for the individual patient in need of it.

In short, the i-CAT 3D Digital Imaging system produces high-quality images that can help to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. Because the time spent getting these images is so brief, the patient can take comfort in knowing that they are being exposed to a safe and minimal level of radiation at the same time.

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How We Use the i-CAT 3D Digital Imaging

Considering the speed and accuracy of this medical tech device, it’s no wonder that orthodontists and patients alike rely on the i-CAT FLX Cone Beam 3D digital imaging solution because it provides 3D imaging at a dose comparable to a 2D panoramic X-ray.

Our orthodontists compile all the i-CAT FLX Cone Beam images into a virtual study model and analyze them to create a virtual study model. We use this device at our Portsmouth, RI, orthodontics office. And it’s also used by our orthodontists in Barrington, RI.

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