i-CAT 3D Digital Imaging

i-CAT 3D Digital Imaging

Orthodontic Education

All orthodontists must go through dental school. After completing the required dental education, in order to become a specialist in orthodontia, three additional years of training are required at an American Dental Association accredited school. Every orthodontist must complete at least this much education and training before claiming to be an orthodontist.

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The Benefits Of i-CAT

The i-CAT FLX Cone Beam 3D system is designed to provide greater flexibility in scanning and planning out treatment, while also giving off an extremely low dose of radiation, much lower and safer than other machines in the industry today. In just 4.8 seconds, the i-CAT system can capture information critical to precisely understanding what the best, least invasive treatment option is for each individual patient. 3D views of teeth, roots, TMJ, airways, and sinuses can be captured without distortion or magnification, and because the time spent getting these images is so short, patients can take comfort in knowing they are being exposed to a safe and minimal amount of radiation.

Once the images are taken, Dr. Jaffe will be able to quickly and easily compile all of them into a virtual study model and analysis that will allow for creation of the most effective treatment plan for the best possible tooth realignment process. With the ability to create 3D imaging at a dose comparable to a 2D Panoramic X-ray, it is no wonder that the i-CAT FLX Cone Beam 3D digital imaging solution is by orthodontists and patients alike!

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