iTero Scanner

iTero Scanner

Invisalign Treatment Like Never Before With The Power Of iTero Scanner

At Jaffe Orthodontics, we believe that staying up-to-date on technological advancements enables us to provide the most efficient and effective orthodontic treatment for our Bristol, Barrington and Portsmouth, RI patients. Beyond that, it sets our practice apart as a leader in local orthodontics, continuously striving to provide the best orthodontic treatment possible.

The iTero Scanner is a digital alternative to traditional orthodontic impressions. This digital alternative captures 3D scans of your teeth and bite, allowing us to see, with precision, your dental structure. These digital impressions are transmitted electronically for fabrication of both Invisalign aligners and other orthodontic appliances, like retainers.

The Benefits of iTero 3D Digital Imaging For Invisalign Patients

While the traditional method of dental impressions is sufficient, it has many drawbacks like inaccuracy and discomfort for the patient. The iTero Scanner allows Dr. Jaffe and his orthodontic staff to overcome these problems by providing:

  • Fewer Rejections Of Molds – On occasion, Invisalign will reject conventional molds because of defects and inaccuracies. This means the patient must return to the office for another round of impressions. iTero completely eliminates the need for “re-takes,” as errors can be detected and corrected on the spot.
  • Your Invisalign Aligners Will Fit Better – A study of more than 400,000 Invisalign patients revealed that aligners produced from 3D iTero scans were seven times more likely to fit better for patients and produce less discomfort throughout treatment.
  • Faster Treatment Times – Orthodontic patients look forward to the day that his or her treatment is done and their smile is perfect! With 3D iTero imaging, the Invisalign lab is able to produce your aligners faster because they don’t have to digitize physical molds. That means you will be wearing your aligners sooner, which will decrease overall treatment time.
  • Patient Comfort Is Paramount – Conventional dental and orthodontic molds are known to be messy and cause gagging sensations. These are now things of the past, simple as that.
  • Simulated, Predictable Outcomes – Before we even submit your case to Invisalign for aligners to be made, we can use computer technology to simulate how your teeth will move and forecast the final result. Now our patients can see what their smile will look like from the start!

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With this commitment to patient care and technology, it’s easy to see why more patients trust Jaffe Orthodontics as their family orthodontist. If you have questions about Invisalign or any other orthodontic treatment, or simply want to make an appointment, contact us today.

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