What Is LEAP

What Is LEAP

Anyone who is familiar with our practice will tell you that we are actively involved in the community. Since 2009, our role has evolved into more of a community partnership than simply a business that writes checks to support causes. That is why we have introduced the LEAP program. LEAP stands for Local Education Advocacy and Partnership.

Our goal is to provide support for local education based organizations, to be an advocate for their programs, and to become a liaison between the local business community and local charitable organizations.

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Who is eligible for financial support?

Our primary goal is to support educational based organizations in the towns of Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Portsmouth and Middletown. If your organization fits those criteria, we will gladly consider your request. While it is our intention to support those charities that fit our criteria, other organizations will be considered on a “case-by-case” basis.

How do I apply for funding for my organization?

To apply for funding, simply download, complete and return by mail or fax the application form which appears on this page. Tell others associated with your organization to “like us” on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, and message us your organization’s name. 
The more “noise” your organization makes, the more likely we are to support you.

Sponsorship Application Form