Two Phase Treatment

Two Phase Treatment

Children’s Orthodontics in Barrington, RI

In order to be the most effective, orthodontic consultation and treatment should begin in childhood. However, our team at Jaffe Orthodontics understands that early treatment requires a delicate balance of intervention and prediction as a child’s adult teeth slowly begin to take shape. Our team at Huls Orthodontics is your trusted family orthodontist in Barrington and Bristol, RI, and we have developed a special two-phase approach to treating orthodontic issues early.

Two-Phase Treatment

Two-phase treatment begins in early childhood and is generally completed in late adolescence. Here is the breakdown of this highly effective style of orthodontic treatment:

Phase I, Interceptive Treatment

Phase one begins as the first adult teeth begin to erupt, between the ages of 6 and 9. This is when any issues pertaining to the shape of the jaw, which could cause crowding or crossbite when the teeth come in, will become apparent. Getting an orthodontic consultation at this age is very important because your child may need treatment to prepare the shape of the jaw and palate for teeth to come in correctly. Appliances such as palate expanders are effective only at this age because the jaw is still rapidly developing, and can be gently guided in a better direction.

Rest Period In Between

After any palate issues have been addressed in phase I, it is important to wait for all of the adult teeth to erupt before proceeding with the next step. Phase I should have made room for teeth to come in well, and any milder more aesthetic issues such as crookedness, slight overbite, or underbite can be addressed in phase II. Teeth should be monitored during this period, with orthodontist visits occurring at least every six months.

Phase II, Finalization and Aesthetics

This is the braces phase of treatment and the stage where the adult teeth are guided into the right positions for a lifetime of proper function, and for the greatest aesthetic harmony with the lips and face. Phase II generally requires braces to be worn on all of the teeth for at least 24 months, followed by the use of retainers to lock in results. In some cases, Invisalign may be substituted for traditional braces.

Visit your Family Orthodontist

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way in the last several decades, and the technology is very efficient, but it still takes time to achieve results that will last a lifetime, so beginning early is crucial. If two-phase treatment is carried out in the recommended time frame, your child will get to experience the confidence boost of beautiful teeth just in time to take the world head-on as a young adult. Request an appointment with Jaffe Orthodontics to get started, and contact us with any questions about two-phase treatment.

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