Two Phase Treatment

Two Phase Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment For Your Child

Phase I

Phase I of treatment usually begins around the ages of 6-10 years old and typically lasts around 12 months. Orthodontic appliances may be placed at this time to prevent future problems from occurring, correct an existing problem, or simply direct the growth of the jawbone.

Problems associated with the face, gums, jaws and tooth alignment may be fixed at this time. Additionally, phase I treatment will likely reduce the treatment time of phase II.

Resting Phase

After completing Phase I, Dr. Jaffe will remove the braces and appliances that were placed previously and allow the patient to undergo a “resting phase” prior to entering Phase II of treatment. During this stage, no orthodontic procedures or appliances will be given other than a removable retainer.

This stage is essentially a monitoring stage to determine if it is necessary to undergo further treatment after the eruption of the adult teeth.

Phase II

This final phase of treatment is typically done between the ages of 11 and 14 and lasts between 18 and 24 months. Phase II may include treatments such as Invisalign or braces to straighten the permanent teeth and finish the alignment of the patient’s jaw.

This treatment will reduce the patient’s likelihood of the need to remove teeth or have corrective jaw surgery. As stated previously, this treatment will only be recommended if Dr. Jaffe has identified a particular orthodontic problem.

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