What Is Board Certified

What Is Board Certified

Choosing your Barrington orthodontist is a big decision. When you look into the professionals at Jaffe Orthodontics, you’ll notice Dr. Jordan Jaffe is board certified. What does that mean? The American Board of Orthodontists discourages members from claiming board certification makes them superior, but it is true that becoming certified takes extra effort outside of the requisite years of education and training to become an orthodontist.

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Orthodontic Education

All orthodontists must go through dental school. After completing the required dental education, in order to become a specialist in orthodontia, three additional years of training are required at an American Dental Association accredited school. Every orthodontist must complete at least this much education and training before claiming to be an orthodontist.

Additional Certification

After completing the three additional years of special orthodontist training, orthodontists have the option of becoming board certified. To become certified, an orthodontist must send in documentation of real life cases he or she has had, which can take a lot of time and effort. These cases are evaluated by a panel of professional orthodontists. If the orthodontist presents cases that demonstrate skill and dedication to the profession and patient care, they pass the examination.

While there is no claim to board certification making an orthodontist superior to another, such certification does have some benefits. Many patients can feel they are choosing a professional who has high standards of patient care, for example.

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