Can Braces Change Your Face Shape?

Do you want to improve the shape of your face? You can with braces from an orthodontist in Bristol, RI.

Braces are commonly thought of as a way to straighten teeth and improve your smile – but did you know that orthodontic treatment can also have a surprising effect on how your face looks? It’s true!

Well-aligned teeth can positively impact your jawline and facial structure, leading to a more balanced appearance.


How Braces Enhance Facial Structure

The first thing to understand is the connection between teeth, jaw, and facial shape. Your teeth and jawline work together to define the shape of your face. For example, if your teeth are overcrowded or your bite is misaligned, it can cause the face to appear lopsided, asymmetrical, and unbalanced.

This is where braces come in handy. If you’re curious about unlocking this hidden benefit of braces, consider getting Bristol RI braces. You might be surprised at the transformative effects that orthodontic treatment can have on your face. can correct any irregularities in your bite and enhance your facial structure.

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Braces Realign Your Jaw

One of the most significant benefits of braces is that they can realign your jaw. For instance, if your bottom jaw extends further than your upper jaw, you might struggle with an “overbite.” Braces can help to readjust the position of your jaw and teeth, ensuring they’re all properly aligned. As a result, your face shape may appear more proportionate, symmetrical, and balanced.

Another issue that braces can fix is an underdeveloped jaw. Some people may have a narrow or underdeveloped jaw, which can cause several problems, such as difficulty breathing, snoring, and sleep apnea. However, in mild to moderate cases, braces can gently expand the jaw and create more room for the teeth.


Braces Reshape Your Lips

Bristol RI braces can help to improve your breathing habits and enhance the natural lines of your lips. This is because the braces can position your teeth closer or further away from your lips, which can create a subtle change in the overall shape of your mouth. For instance, if your teeth protrude outwards, braces can help to push them back, creating a more natural curve to your lips. On the other hand, if your teeth are positioned too far back, braces can push them forward, creating the illusion of a more full and defined lip shape.

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Braces Improve Facial Profile

Finally, braces can also help to improve your facial profile. A well-aligned jawline and teeth can create a symmetrical and balanced facial profile, giving you a more attractive and youthful appearance. For instance, if your lower jaw is too far back, it may create an unflattering facial profile.


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If you’re considering getting braces, know that you’re not just investing in your oral health but also your overall facial aesthetics. If you’re located in Barrington, Portsmouth, Bristol, Middletown, and Swansea, contact us to learn more about the benefits of braces.

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