Oral Hygiene Tips To Follow While Using Invisalign

Jaffe Orthodontics provides our patients with the dental care they need in a friendly environment. Each of our dental experts believes that all patients deserve a dazzling smile. With offices located in Portsmouth, Barrington, and Swansea, Rhode Island, we’re ready to use our expertise and cutting-edge tools to help you achieve your dental goals.

One way people are getting a straighter smile is through Invisalign in Portsmouth RI. Follow these oral hygiene tips to ensure you get the most out of Invisalign treatment.


Don’t Eat or Brush While Wearing Your Trays

Unlike braces, you can wear and remove Invisalign trays. Considering that, ensure you always remove your trays before eating anything. Chewing food with aligners can crack and break your trays. It’s also crucial to avoid brushing your teeth with Invisalign trays on. Brushing your teeth while wearing aligners won’t clean your teeth. Plus, ingredients in certain toothpaste can cloud, erode, or otherwise damage your Invisalign trays.


Brush After Eating

Whether it’s a snack or a large meal, it’s important to brush your teeth after eating. Putting your trays back over your teeth after eating leaves food particles in your aligners. As chewed food sits in your Invisalign trays, it often creates a breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria is the same kind that can be harmful to your teeth and gums.


Floss Regularly

Flossing removes plaque from your teeth that brushing doesn’t always get. While flossing is always beneficial, it’s especially important to floss as you continue Invisalign treatment. Neglecting to floss leaves food between your teeth, forming bacteria and cavities. Plus, plaque and food between your teeth can also make it harder for your Invisalign trays to continue shifting your teeth into place.


Keep Up With Appointments

As any Portsmouth or Bristol RI orthodontics specialist will tell you, keeping up with Invisalign appointments is crucial. These appointments let patients receive new aligners that continue straightening their teeth.


Visit Jaffe Orthodontics for Quality Results

Jaffe Orthodontics can take care of your Portsmouth or Bristol RI orthodontics needs in a professional environment. Our team of dental professionals understands the importance of customer care. Whether you or someone in your family needs Invisalign in Portsmouth RI, we’ll be available to answer questions and walk you through what to expect.

Contact Jaffe Orthodontics to achieve the perfect smile with Invisalign.

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